2014-2018 Targets

Below are the five targets for 2014-2018, under the former International President, Dr. Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson:

Target 1 – Educational Enrichment
To facilitate educational enrichment among youth, PNO implemented three signature national programs:

  • ASCENDSM (Achievement, Self-awareness, Communication, Engagement, Networking, and Development Skills): an innovative program to engage and assist high school students in reaching their maximum potential.
  • ONE MILLION BackpacksSM: Ensuring school age children are ready and prepared for school is important. PNO supported this national target by collecting more than 400 backpacks, with school supplies, and distributing them to students in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Our sorority reached and exceeded the goal of collecting and distributing 1,000,000 backpacks throughout the world during the 2014-2018 administration!

  • Think HBCUSM:  Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) have educated, nurtured and advocated for secondary learning for nearly 200 years. The organization highlights the contribution to society as a critical venue for moving students to and through college.

Target 2 – Health Promotions
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. promotes health awareness in three areas: Alzheimer's Disease, Stroke/Heart Disease and Mental Illness. To implement this target, PNO partnered with the Alzheimer’s Association, the American Heart/Stroke Association, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

  • The Alzheimer’s Disease and Caregiver Support: To expand our community outreach and to generate awareness of the challenging journey of individuals living with the disease, PNO partnered with the Alzheimer’s Association by participating in The Longest Day.  For those facing Alzheimer's, every day can feel like "the longest day."
  • Stroke and Heart Disease Prevention Awareness remains a focus for the sorority’s health related programming. In concert with the American Heart Association, PNO participated in Alpha Kappa Alpha’s signature programs, Heart Health Day and Pink Goes Red.
  • Mental Health and Wellness efforts are highlighted as sorority members work to bring attention to mental illness among diverse populations with historically low utilizations of mental health services through the Mental Health Awareness Leadership Seminar Walk with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

Target 3 – Family Strengthening Target
Alpha Kappa Alpha’s Family Strengthening Programs targets critical issues facing many families, including lack of food, shelter and financial means.

  • PNO participated in the Childhood Hunger Aware Day to address Childhood Hunger Initiatives will be launched by Alpha Kappa Alpha chapters, tailored to meet the needs of their specific areas.
  • The Family Seasonal Wraps Programs offered by the sorority to address the increased number of households who do not have the financial resources to adequately clothe their family unit.
  • Fiscal Responsibility Programs remains a key priority of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority as members continue to offer financial management and home ownership programs.

Target 4 – Environmental Ownership
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority implemented high impact programs to provide healthy environments and improve the quality of life in the underserved communities.

  • Through the AKA 1908 Playgrounds Project, PNO helped to ensure that children have safe and inviting places to play by through the Playground Mobilization Day.
  • Through its Acts of Green Program, sorority members promoted environmental sustainability by encouraging recycling, litter prevention and waste management through daily green efforts to promote good stewardship of natural resources and local communities.

Target 5 – Global Impact
Sorority members implement the UNA-USA Global Classrooms Project to prepare today's youth for an increasingly global and complex society.

  • In partnership with Little Dress for Africa, PNO took on the challenge to sew pillowcase dresses to help young girls in South Africa and Liberia.